COVID-19 Response

Monday 23 March 2020

Dear Members and Guests,

It is unprecedented times and we all must face up to our responsibilities – we all have  part to do.

The Prime Minister has announced
, in a range of additional measures, that as of 12pm today, Monday 23rd March 2020 all Registered Clubs, Pubs and Casinos must close as a stage 1 measure to combat the spread of the virus

As a result of this we will not be opening the Club for trade today
and we will definitely reopen once the Government lifts the closure directive.

The Prime Minister has said that this
closure will be reviewed in one months’ time and we will continue to follow government instruction as we have over these challenging couple of weeks.

We thank you for your support as the restrictions were announced and implemented. We hope that all our members and staff stay healthy during this difficult time.

Please check out website and social media for future updates.

And please be respectful of the broader community, your neighbours, the elderly etc – please stop panic buying, ask your elderly neighbours if they are ok – do they need anything etc.  Think of others also in these challenging times.

We look forward to seeing you all back at Blacktown RSL real soon.

Regards and stay safe everyone


Robert Heinrich

Chief Executive Officer

Thursday 19 March 2020

Dear Members and Guests,

Yes – We are STILL Open and Safe

A further update is provided to give you an understanding of actions given the Prime Ministers announcement on 18th March 2020 that impact directly on your Club.

I am sure everyone is aware of the full content of his address, but a primary directive is indoor gatherings must not exceed 100 persons which is in broad terms per enclosed space, room, large area etc.  The 100 persons include staff in that area.

As a consequence of this we have now actioned as follows:

  • We will actively ensure we do not exceed 100 persons in our various areas – including our very large auditorium. Please understand if we must decline you access to an area it is to conform to the new requirements.
  • The all you can eat buffet has suspended operations until the 100-person ceiling is removed as it is not viable to operate an all you can eat buffet with that restriction.  Many buffet operators are in the same position and have closed their buffets at other clubs.
  • The café is still open and will be providing a range of made to order meals and pizzas per their menu.
  • We have postponed a range of activities to ensure we do not have issues with the 100 person cap and to ensure we don’t have concentrations of those of us that are more vulnerable – the free monthly members cabaret, entertainment, etc.
  • Anzac Day – all morning service activities here have been cancelled plus the ensuing breakfast and entertainment through the day.
  • We have regrettably have now had to cancel our Easter Egg raffle as we always get well in excess of 100 persons in our lounge area for this raffle.
  • For those who like to have a flutter in our gaming area – we have removed every second seat to encourage social distancing.
  • In our function’s areas, auditorium and lounge – we have reduced the quantity of furniture to provide greater spacing between tables and also less seats per table.

Don’t despair we still have various events on:

  • we still have bingo on through the week Monday to Thursday from 11.00am – capped of course to number to a max of 98 as we have 2 staff calling the games.
  • our meat raffle is still on each Sunday which is broadcast through several areas within the club. Tickets go on sale from 3.30pm.
  • our regular evening promotions are still on and we continue to give away loads of pre-paid visa cards.
  • we still have happy hour Monday to Friday 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

Please be respectful of the social distancing and understand we are in a time way outside of our normal lives and everyone has their part to do.

As this situation continues to develop and if Government implements other directives, we will be continually reviewing our strategies and keeping you posted.

Again, thank you for your cooperation, understanding and support during this challenging time and we look forward to seeing you here.




Robert Heinrich

Chief Executive Officer

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Dear Members and Guests,

Yes – We are Open and Safe

The Board and Management Team of Blacktown RSL have the health and wellbeing of you and our staff as our primary concern.

Blacktown RSL is continually monitoring updates and developments in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are doing our bit by taking appropriate steps to address this escalating situation.

We have so far implemented the following procedures to keep our venue open, safe and secure as possible.

  • Increased cleaning procedures, focusing on high traffic touch areas or areas utilised by members, guests and staff. A number of high touch areas are being cleaned down every hour as a minimum.
  • Increased hand sanitising stations throughout our venue.
  • Elevated hygiene practices for all our staff.
  • We have installed automatic taps in many of our toilets to reduce risk of a common touch point.
  • We have removed many entry doors into our toilets to minimise risk of high touch areas.
  • We have communicated with staff the requirement of self-isolation for 14 days when returning from overseas travel, which applies to everyone.
  • We have advised staff if they are diagnosed with the virus they are not permitted to return to work until they have a medical clearance.
  • For all entertainment, function and other events, they will be capped at 500 persons (in line with government directive as at 16th March 2020), but this may decrease subject to new directives being issued by Government.  The Club may also voluntarily reduce the number of persons.
  • In all function areas, we will reduce the number of seats per table to increase personal space.
  • Discouraging members, guest and staff from personal contact when greeting another person, i.e. shaking hands or kissing (please do not take this personally).
  • Advising and encouraging staff to stay home should they feel unwell.
  • Given the seriousness of Coronavirus, we are also reserving the right to ask any patrons who are displaying flu like symptoms to leave the premises immediately.

Here’s a few tips to help you stay safe when you are out and about:

  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water;
  • use hand sanitiser after coming into contact with objects or people;
  • avoid touching people where possible;
  • avoid touching your face; and
  • if you are feeling unwell or have flu like symptoms you should stay at home and seek your doctor’s advice.

We would ask for your complete understanding and cooperation.

As this situation continues to develop, we will be reviewing our strategies.

Persons who do not cooperate with our advice in relation to COVID-19 will be asked to leave our premises.

If you have any questions, please see the Club’s Duty Manager.

Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time.




Robert Heinrich

Chief Executive Officer