This is the list of the persons believed to be buried in a mass grave at Fromelles in France.  

The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, said the Government had contacted relatives of about 40 per cent of those on the list and invited the public to come forward with information about others.


Service Number Rank Surname Given Names Unit

1656 Private Ashworth Percy Alexander 60th Battalion

2779 Private Atwell (Lee) Sydney Harold 14th Machine Gun Company

135 Private Bain Walter Ernest 31st Battalion

3007 Private Baker Vinton Baltam 55th Battalion

4254 Private Balkin Michael 54th Battalion

2274 Private Balsdon James 30th Battalion

346 Private Barber William 32nd Battalion

3031 Private Barrett Rossitter Alfred 55th Battalion

352 Private Batt Arthur George 32nd Battalion

10 Private Baumann Oscar Eric 32nd Battalion

191 Private Bell Henry 29th Battalion

1602 Lance Corporal Bennett Allan 32nd Battalion

840 Private Benson George Verner 30th Battalion

605 Private Bills Thomas Henry 31st Battalion

3761 Private Bishop Raymond Charles 55th Battalion

3009 Corporal Bolt Herbert Thomas 55th Battalion

891 Private Boswell John Henry 32nd Battalion

1682 Private Bourke Harold John 30th Battalion

1929 Second Lieutenant Bowden John Charles 59th Battalion

1218 Private Boyce William Edwin 32nd Battalion

1983 Private Breguet Justin Hercules 29th Battalion

3013 Private Broadhurst Leonard 55th Battalion

4744 Private Bromley Albert Clive 53rd Battalion

1522 Private Broom Sidney 31st Battalion

1470 Private Brumm Norman Leslie 29th Battalion

1226 Private Burney Edward Nason 32nd Battalion

16 Lieutenant Burns Robert David 14th Machine Gun Company

495 Sergeant Campbell Jack Marchmont 54th Battalion

1235 Private Cartwright Thomas Clifft 32nd Battalion

397 Private Caswell Douglas 30th Battalion

Lieutenant Chinner Eric Harding 32nd Battalion

635 Lance Sergeant Church Chester Cecil 30th Battalion

4155 Private Clark Roy Allison 54th Battalion

3168 Private Clingan Alexander Stanley 53rd Battalion

570 Second Lieutenant Collier Clarence Timbrell 53rd Battalion

3585 Private Connolly William Thomas 54th Battalion

2011 Private Corigliano Maurice 32nd Battalion

210 Private Cozens James Alfred 29th Battalion

4420 Private Craigie William Andrew 54th Battalion

4179 Private Cressy Henry Alfred 54th Battalion

79 Private Crocker John Edwin 32nd Battalion

2010 Private Croker Harry 30th Battalion

3032 Private Cuckson William Joseph 54th Battalion

494 Private Curran James Joseph 31st Battalion

1252 Lance Corporal Dennis Sydney William 32nd Battalion

3047 Private Dewar Robert Arthur 55th Battalion

4183 Private Dibben Edwin Henry 54th Battalion

4770 Private Dodd Downie 56th Battalion

3557 Private Doust William Hinton 54th Battalion

641 Private Dunn Leslie Clark 31st Battalion

4483 Private Dunstan Benedict John Arthur 54th Battalion

3560 Private Dyson Fred Arthur 54th Battalion

491 Private Esam Harold 31st Battalion

3060 Private Fahey Patrick William 55th Battalion

80 Private Farlow Samuel 29th Battalion

882 Private Fenwick Robert Gladstone 30th Battalion

2825 Private Fitch (Ansell) Alfred William 5th Pioneer Battalion

3310 Private Fletcher Frederick 55th Battalion

2584 Private Francis Thomas William 29th Battalion

889 Private Gardner Henry 30th Battalion

1291 Lance Corporal Glenn Frederick James 30th Battalion

1130 Private Gordon James 29th Battalion

555 Private Goulding John Joseph 31st Battalion

1537 Private Grace Walter Allen 31st Battalion

20 Private Gray Edwin Charles 32nd Battalion

2927 Private Gray George Robert 54th Battalion

4296 Private Gray Sidney John 54th Battalion

1274 Corporal Green Robert Courtney 32nd Battalion

1275 Private Greenfield Bertie 32nd Battalion

3115a Private Greenwood Percy John 32nd Battalion

1276 Private Griffiths Gilbert Allen 32nd Battalion

3114 Sergeant Grogan Vincent Michael 60th Battalion

702 Private Hale Norman Arthur 31st Battalion

4509 Private Harriott Laurence 54th Battalion

3819 Private Harris James John 55th Battalion

865 Private Hart Leslie William 32nd Battalion

1390 Private Haslam Herbert James 29th Battalion

188 Private Hawcroft Charles Henry 30th Battalion

96 Private Higgins William Bruce 30th Battalion

842 Sergeant Hill Charles Stevens 53rd Battalion

2050 Private Hoffman Clarence Rhody Swan 32nd Battalion

4801 Private Holliday Clifford Dawson 54th Battalion

955 Private Holmes Arnold 32nd Battalion

4305 Private Holmes James Leslie 54th Battalion

2925 Private Holst Frederick Griffen 60th Battalion

1291 Private Honey George 32nd Battalion

4188 Private Hope Edward James 54th Battalion

3327 Private Hungerford George William 53rd Battalion

347 Private Hunt Thomas 32nd Battalion

1054 Private Hunt Thomas Vincent 31st Battalion

2028 Private Hyams Sydney 31st Battalion

4807 Private Irvin David George 54th Battalion

1528 Private Irving Allan William James 32nd Battalion

689 Private James Arthur 30th Battalion

2144 Private Jamieson William Alexander 31st Battalion

3331 Lance Sergeant Jentsch Ernest Augustus 53rd Battalion

2203 Private Johnson Arthur Joseph 29th Battalion

3367 Private Johnson Robert William 59th Battalion

4315 Private Johnston Cyril Donald 54th Battalion

3096 Private Johnston George Henry 53rd Battalion

1624 Private Joyce Jack 32nd Battalion

1603 Private Knable Adolf Thompson 32nd Battalion

126 Private Lawlor Daniel Michael 32nd Battalion

4840 Corporal Leister Leslie 55th Battalion

1168 Corporal Livingston David Frederick 29th Battalion

2064 Private Loader Frank Oliver 32nd Battalion

467 Private Lucre George Henry 30th Battalion

2101 Private MacLaren Frank Forbes 60th Battalion

3209 Private Magor Reuben Harold 32nd Battalion

470 Private Mason James Lowther 31st Battalion

137 Private Maudsley Robert Thomas 32nd Battalion

1980 Private McCaul Donald Curteis 60th Battalion

1553 Private McDonald Archie 31st Battalion

3873 Private McGuarr Richard James 55th Battalion

1797 Private McKenzie Alexander (Alec) McGregor 32nd Battalion

151 Private McKenzie John Gordon 32nd Battalion

293 Private McLean Hugh 32nd Battalion

Lieutenant Mendelsohn Berrol 55th Battalion

2746 Private Mitchell Alfred Charles 59th Battalion

Lieutenant Moffitt Harry Lowry 53rd Battalion

3282 Private Momplhait Alfred Victor 32nd Battalion

2055 Private Morgan (AKA Colin Meyers) Cecil 31st Battalion

258 Private Morley (Howard) John (William John) 31st Battalion

1590 Corporal Murray Charles William 30th Battalion

4850 Private Myers Peter Laurence 54th Battalion

4946 Private Needham Arnold 54th Battalion

728 Private Nelson Henry Oscar 30th Battalion

269 Private Nevill Joseph Howard 31st Battalion

146 Private Nitchie James Louis 60th Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Norris Ignatius Bertram 53rd Battalion

314 Private O'Donnell Stanley Richard 29th Battalion

319 Private O'Donnell William 29th Battalion

316 Private Oliver Ernest Robert 29th Battalion

2906 Lance Corporal Pagan George 54th Battalion

2092 Private Parham Edgar William 32nd Battalion

572 Second Lieutenant Parker John 30th Battalion

320 Private Parry Frederick 29th Battalion

2095 Private Perry Andrew Murray 32nd Battalion

161 Private Pflaum Raymond Holstien 31st Battalion

2462 Private Pheasant Walter 54th Battalion

595 Private Pitt Harold Charles 32nd Battalion

324 Private Pollard Herbert George 29th Battalion

1556 Private Pretty Walter Hainsworth 32nd Battalion

1501 Company Quarter Master Sergeant Ralston James 60th Battalion

1558 Private Randall Howard James 32nd Battalion

2392 Private Rawnsley Albert Arthur 30th Battalion

3256 Private Reid Maurice Leslie 32nd Battalion

4581 Private Richardson Benjamin 54th Battalion

2912 Sergeant Richardson Harold 54th Battalion

1036 Private Ridler Samuel James Thomas 32nd Battalion

1312 Private Robinson Horace Frederick 30th Battalion

1216 Private Ross James Hugh 29th Battalion

1040 Private Ross Mervyn 32nd Battalion

4299 Private Russell Arthur 54th Battalion

743 Private Ryan Daniel Bernard 30th Battalion

4873 Private Scott Joseph 54th Battalion

1046 Private Scott Robert Grieve Moncrieff 32nd Battalion

3433 Private Shannon Peter 53rd Battalion

1640 Private Smith Arthur George 32nd Battalion

1245 Private Smith Gordon Thomas 29th Battalion

509 Lance Corporal Smith Harold Thompson 8th Field Company

3983 Private Smith James Robert 31st Battalion

4614 Corporal Spence Malcolm 30th Battalion

2898 Private Stalgis Gregory Francis 14th Machine Gun Company

187 Private Stead Joseph Raymond 32nd Battalion

3924 Private StSmith Herbert Newey 55th Battalion

2825 Corporal Thompson Alfred 55th Battalion

690 Corporal Toole John 54th Battalion

1252 Corporal Tuck Alfred George 29th Battalion

1581 Private Tucker William Charles 32nd Battalion

39 Private Turner Arthur Leslie 8th Machine Gun Company

767 Private Turner John 30th Battalion

4885 Private Verpillot Aime 53rd Battalion

777 Private Vincent Lawrence Stanley 30th Battalion

4617 Private Wallis (Wailes) Joseph Patrick 54th Battalion

311 Private Walsh Leslie Gordon 31st Battalion

1446 Private Walters Frederick Charles 60th Battalion

239 Sergeant Wass William 54th Battalion

318 Private Weakley Percy 31st Battalion

358 Private Weir Arthur Joseph 29th Battalion

1888 Private Wildman (Bradney) Reginald Raymond 54th Battalion

1314 Private Wilkin Ernest Frank 29th Battalion

3605 Private Williams Francis James 53rd Battalion

4249 Private Williamson Albert 54th Battalion

983 Private Willis Henry Victor 31st Battalion

4887 Private Wilson Eric Robert 53rd Battalion

3534 Private Wilson Samuel Charles 53rd Battalion

781 Private Wood Archie 30th Battalion

794 Company Sergeant Major Woodman Harold George 31st Battalion

2485 Private Wynn John Cyril 30th Battalion

795 Private Yeo Claude 30th Battalion