Wednesday Night Cash Housie



28 Games for $27

Ticket Sales start at 6:00pm for 7:00pm start

How much do you love your Bingo? Well, Cash Housie IS Bingo only we pay you CASH prizes.

o   We are known for paying back the maximum 75% of ticket sales in prize money to all the ordinary games

o   Game no.1 is a FREE BSG Rewards game, whether PETs or Books, as a gift to our players for your support. (Scroll down for more info in BSG Rewards)

o   $100 prize for BSG Rewards in the second half.

o   3 Lucky Door Prizes

o   No Minimum spend on the PETs (for this session only)

o   Maximum books allowed to purchase on PETs is 8.


WHAT IS BSG REWARDS? BSG Rewards is a Full House game PLUS offers you 3 extra jackpot opportunities on top of your Full House Prize. You could win an extra $100, $500 or $Thousands plus a crack at the $250 jackpot prize when you have the ‘lucky symbol’ in your Full House.


WHAT IS A PET? A PET is a Touch-Screen Tablet specifically designed for Bingo – It does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is touch the numbers to win. Electronic Bingo – Sounds like fun, huh? And it is.

It’s much easier to play multiple books on your PET.

  • Your PET will always show you, your two best cards in play.
  • Your PET will find the line games for you.
  • Your PET will tell you when you have 1 number to go.
  • Your PET will tell you when you have won
  • Your PET can be set up with different views, colours + other options –

o   Our PETs are also programmed with a view designed for people who are sight impaired.

o   Our PETs include a view designed to look like a bingo book for those who love a challenge.


Your PET offers you more chances to win.

Of course we still have our traditional and much loved PAPER bingo books for those who prefer them.


We love our Players – Regulars and newbies alike; we work hard to provide a fun and happy environment for your Playing pleasure.

Our games are open to all ages and our friendly Staff will do their best to make sure you have a great night.

Come and say Hello to our Cash Housie Teamsters – Trish, Ida, Karren and Pam.

We operate our Sessions with Consistency, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. Questions and Feedback are always welcome.